dreams for mayan children charity organization playa del carmen mexico

About Us

Dreams for Mayan children is non-profit charitable organization caring for the children's initial years of school education. Our strong belief in giving the children the chance of a better future lies at the heart of our organization, and supporting them through continuous education our vision.

Working together, a small and dedicated group of people can truly make a difference. Join us. Read more about our work and how you can help.

from our Founder

After spending several weeks with the Mayan, I realized my mission. I was fortunate enough to have visited several Mayan villages; some are located deep in the jungle, as if leaving the 20th century behind. Their homes made of wooden poles or stone and the roofs covered with palm branches. The children have a special place in my Heart, the shine and excitement in their eyes and to hear their laughter is what brings such joy! In our everyday, busy lives, there is so much we take for granted. I decided to start this foundation to help make a child's dream come true. You may ask, what dream would that be? An education.

Patty Kasten